Tapestry Series The Background and Foreground are the Same Text

This tapestry series will include 9 weavings total and therefore is a work-in-progress. The Background and the Foreground are the Same as a theme will be explored three different ways. The 9 textiles are divided into groups of three works and each assembly takes a slightly different view of the main theme. Each perspective was first experienced during weaving and then its insight evolved into the focuses for each woven trilogy. Their subjects express principles both in weaving and ecology.

First Group of 3

The first three tapestries bring awareness to the interchangeableness of physical realities that collectively evolve from a common background (energetic) fabric. Human culture, the world of plants, or the life of a salmon take turns being the other in Nature’s cycling and recycling weaving process. These weavings reveal diverse physical expressions plus individually and collectively mirror the other—the all-inclusive background fabric of life. Even transformed versions of one’s self—like a caterpillar who metamorphoses into a butterfly—have not changed at the level of the background fabric.
All works in The Background and the Foreground are the Same series are sold mounted to a wood hanger as shown.