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A readily available vocabulary for being part of Nature’s interdependent weaving process is missing. There are scientific, mystical, and philosophical terms for the invisible reality but few words to describe the experience of either living in this world or feeling influenced by its process. Some do not wish to be influenced or participate. My writings describe what I discovered while weaving; my individual, personal awarenesses evolved into a process-based perspective.

Silent Oratory: A Weaver Speaks

The book Silent Oratory: A Weaver Speaks combines woven tapestries, poetry, distilled texts (between poetry and prose), and an essay to animate understanding of a process-based perspective. It features the 7 weavings in the Silent Oratory: A Weaver Speaks tapestry series, which portray with pattern, color, structure, and texture the world that this experiential awareness sees. The poem, distilled text, and essay, however, are interchangeable communicators of the same woven message expressed by the weavings. Each provides a nuanced understanding that when juxtaposed with one another, creates an intuitive and intellectual compilation. The book makes this point: a process-based perspective is missing in a world that mainly relies on the written medium but is also increasingly being controlled by dominant discourses that use words. The book aims to inspire interest in a process-based perspective, which is or resembles integrated ecosystems. Cost: $25.50

The Weaver’s Journal

The Weaver’s Journal fills the need for imagining a way to weave a personal tapestry of life. The grid is a personal strategy for creating order while the flow pattern is how you find the sweet spot in a time of chaos. The binding pattern reflects how you heal emotionally and physically, and the textural is symbolic of a life-saving plan for getting out of a rut. The Weaver’s Journal includes a calendar with no dates, simply blank pages for journalling. You can begin lifeweaving any month of the year. The twelve months are announced by photos of the 12 freeform constructions in the Life-Weaving tapestry series. Imagining how to weave a personal tapestry could also create a connection with the world of Nature for which weaving is a language. Cost: $19

See my blog, Pages From My Journal, for examples of my grid, flow, binding, and textural patterns.

Forthcoming book: The Unwritten Book and Your LifeBook Journal: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution.

The Unwritten Book and Your LifeBook Journal: An Organic Personal Conscious Evolution is a deep exploration of the world that a process-based perspective relates to. It also imagines the effects of identifying with it as well as participating in weaving its fabric. Tapestries of thought connect neurological, biophysical, ecological, quantum mechanical, mystical, and personal experiences into fabrics of understanding. The whole-oriented principles of weaving mirror the wisdom of the unwritten book of life. The LifeBook Journal is where personal discoveries are recorded including insights that arise in the process of reweaving a personal life until it resonates with the wisdom. This represents the self-guided organic personal conscious evolution. The journal then becomes a record––what happens when we individually live the ecological patterns or express the wisdom of the unwritten book; and how it might unfold as an ecologically-based civilization.