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The Life-Weaving classes: Whole-Fabric, Whole-Tapestry, and Whole-Journey explore the potential for weaving’s process-based perspective to bring greater wholeness on personal, social, and ecological levels. All the classes use weaving to reevaluate one’s own life from the experience of its separate strands forming: a whole fabric, a whole tapestry, or whole-oriented and ecological value system. Journaling and conversation are included to weave fabrics of understanding as well as networks of support with class participants.


The focus of the class is to identify the eight main strands of one’s life and experience weaving them into a cohesive fabric. An off-loom band weaving technique will be used to weave personal strands into a whole fabric. The sensation will provide an experiential perspective to notice imbalances so changes can be made. Journaling and conversations help transform personal insights into a life-guiding perspective. A beautifully illustrated fold-out card is included for recording the whole process of weaving strands of life, usually considered separate, into a whole fabric. Friday, May 18-19, Friday 6-8 pm & Saturday 9-5 pm Location: Vashon Intuitive Arts, Event Space, 17331 Vashon Hwy SW, WA 98070 Cost: $170 + $15 materials, total $185.


Whole-Tapestry matches personal strategies, which you already use for dealing with challenging situations, with weaving patterns. The grid pattern is a plan for reestablishing order and the flow is how you find the sweet spot in a chaotic situation. The binding pattern is related to what you do to heal emotionally and physically and the textural is an approach to getting your life out of a rut. The tapestry weaving in the class will be a free-form construction, symbolically woven with personal life-saving patterns. Journaling and conversation will add another layer to weaving’s process-based perspective. A personal experience of weaving also creates a connection with Nature’s weaving the whole tapestry of life. October, to be announced, Friday 6-8 pm through Saturday 9-6 pm & Sunday 10-3pm Cost: $210 + $15 materials $225.


Whole-Journey goes the whole way with reimagining a life from the loom of a whole-oriented value system. You build its parts into a frame loom and wind on a warp. The winding rhythm, the ordering process, and the dynamic tension that is created between you and your warpstrands––supported by the loom of a whole-oriented value system––feel like embarking on a whole new life journey. You weave a small tapestry with the Swedish interlocking Rölakan technique on your warp. It is a fabric that is supported by the loom of a whole-oriented life. Journaling and conversation then explore what was experienced on the journey. Information to come.